In the beginning, magic was one form – one consciousness. It was the greatest of the gods and all others drew their power from it. It was the magic that formed the world, drawing matter and essence from itself, and gave this world to the other gods. The races were formed, each in the image of the force that created them. In this act of creation, the gods gave much of themselves, depleting their own power dramatically. In an attempt to reclaim their power, the gods drew to deeply on the magic, and in doing so, sundered it. This was the first great cataclysm.

The magic was not destroyed, however, but it was shattered into many parts. Some of the parts, the weaker ones, concentrates into six stones, each of a different nature. Each stone retained something of the will of the whole, but only enough to exert passive control of their powers.

The three largest concentrations retained personalities of their own, each with its own motives and goals. These three came to be known as the gods of magic: Palantir, Ingolë, and Curufinwë. These three think of themselves as siblings, the “Children of Magic.”

This shattering of the magic had a devastating effect on Oiramar as well. The world was shattered as well. Large portions of the population of every race disappeared, causing great amounts of chaos. This ended the first age, the Age of the Gods. The world and its people went on with their lives, for a time…

The Life Aquatic, or Not

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